Unlock the Future of Mental Wellness
Join the revolutionary journey into psychedelic research. Discover how Buftoad is pioneering new paths for healing minds and transforming lives.
Unlock the Future of Mental Wellness
Join the revolutionary journey into psychedelic research. Discover how Buftoad is pioneering new paths for healing minds and transforming lives.
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Unlock Mental Wellness
Contribute to a breakthrough in mental health through psychedelic research. 
BUFtoad is your gateway.
Empower Psychedelic Science with BUFtoad
A New Horizon in Mental Health Services
Dive into the forefront of mental health innovation with Buftoad ($BUF). Our mission is to fund critical research into psychedelic therapies, breaking barriers and fostering a world where mental wellness is accessible to all.
Revolutionize Mental Health with BUFtoad
Advancing psychedelic science for healing minds.
Journey Beyond
Rick Doblin's DMT Odyssey
with Terence McKenna
Dive into the extraordinary with Rick Doblin, the visionary behind MAPS, as he recounts his transformative DMT trip alongside the legendary Terence McKenna. This clip from the Lex Fridman Podcast offers a glimpse into the minds of two psychedelic pioneers, exploring the depths of consciousness and the potential for healing. Witness their journey, insights, and the profound impact of DMT on the quest for understanding the fabric of reality.
Encountering the Divine
Joe Rogan and Rick Doblin on
the Power of 5-MEO-DMT
Join Joe Rogan and Rick Doblin in a profound discussion on their transformative experiences with 5-MEO-DMT, the 'God Molecule,' in this captivating clip from The Joe Rogan Experience #1964. Unlike its counterpart, NN DMT, 5-MEO-DMT offers a journey into the spiritual realm, leading many to profound encounters with the divine or their understanding of creation. Discover how this unique psychoactive substance, present in the human body, opens doors to extraordinary spiritual experiences and why it's hailed as a pivotal tool in exploring the mysteries of consciousness.
Beyond Fear
How Psychedelics Offered a
Cancer Patient Peace with Mortality
Explore the transformative journey of Kerry Pappas, a cancer patient who found solace in psilocybin therapy, as part of a groundbreaking Johns Hopkins study. With 51 participants reporting significant reductions in anxiety and depression, this story delves into how a single psychedelic experience can profoundly alter one's perspective on life and death. Discover Kerry's journey to overcoming the fear of mortality through the therapeutic use of psychedelics, offering hope and insight into the potential of these substances in providing comfort and understanding in life's most challenging moments.
Future: Continued funding of psychedelic research, advocacy for policy changes, and integration of psychedelic therapies into mainstream healthcare

Q1 2024
 Launch of Buftoad white paper and website, initiation of community outreach and engagement
Q2 2024
Token sale and distribution, establishment of governance structures

Q3 2024 
Funding of initial research projects, partnerships with universities and research institutions
Q4 2024
Listing of BUF on major cryptocurrency exchanges, expansion of community and outreach efforts


Symbol $BUF
Token Distribution Initial distribution through a fair and transparent token sale
Governance Community-driven governance model with voting rights for token holders
Algorithm Solana
Total Supply 999,999,790.06 BUF
Smart Contracts Transparent and auditable smart contracts to ensure accountability and security
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Buftoad aims to overcome funding barriers and catalyze scientific breakthroughs in the field of psychedelics.
Together, we can create a future where psychedelic therapies are recognized and embraced as powerful tools for healing and transformation.

Funding Mechanism
Submit your project!

Buftoad will allocate a portion of its token supply for funding psychedelic research projects. Researchers and institutions can apply for funding through a transparent and competitive grant process. Approved projects will receive BUF tokens to support their research efforts, including clinical trials, neurobiological studies, and therapeutic applications of psychedelic substances.
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